GF Chocolate Chip Cookies


Has any one tried these? Well I did and they are good. I couldn’t quit eating them haha. My stepdaughter loved them and then her dad tried them and he said at first NO! ,but they where on the table cooling and he took 3 and i asked well how are they? He said I don’t taste no gluten. I asked him well how does gluten taste ? He said like gluten haha. Then his daughter said well dang that means less for us.

They are easy to make and taste just like regular chocolate chip cookies.


I have made chocolate chip cookies before with the all natural gluten free cafe flour and they where not good. i like to eat my cookies when they first come out of the oven with milk and those  cookies didn’t taste good in till  they got cold and they still weren’t to good.

The cookies I made from Betty Crocker where the best and you can eat them from the oven like regular cookies and dip them in milk…


I have now tried these.  The only thing I didn’t like was I made it in a big pan. I am going to try and make them in a smaller pan so they will be more cake like.


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