Man I done ate WHEAT!

OMG I thought I was going to die.  Well thinking that I don’t have Coeliac disease , I would be ok to eat a sandwich and well done ate one at my sisters on Thursday and thinking it didn’t hurt me I would be ok to eat another one on Monday. Well think again Pamela. Like I said I don’t have Coeliac Disease as far as I know , I just started to eat wheat free of my own choice . Just to see if it would help me to feel better. It has only been a little over a month, and man I didn’t relies how it did help me till I ate them sandwiches.

I started to hurt all over like i was running a fever. My feet hurt every time i got up to do something.  My head has been hurting and i feel like I am in a fog. I couldn’t breath good, felt like i did when i smoked out of breath,and Fatigue . I am glad its been raining so I don’t have to help my sister paint. I have been laying around for the past two days. I thought I was coming down with something at first, then I relies what I had done.  Them are the symptom that I had before I started to eat Wheat Free. I do know that wheat can cause a lot of problems.

I guess you can say I needed that, so I now know what the cause  of my problem was. I have been feeling better ever since I quit eating wheat. I really didn’t think that little bit would hurt me, but it did big time. Today is Thursday and I am starting to feel better. I hope I will remember what happen, so that I won’t do it again.

That’s what I get for not being prepared for lunch. I wish I could find some bread that I could eat. I live in a little town where we don’t have but one grocery store and they don’t Cary any gluten free stuff . I need to ask her to see if she will stock up on some gluten free stuff, but I just don’t know what bread will be good. I tried the stuff from wal mart and didn’t like it Schar white bread.   Well going to go lay down and watch tv.


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