Schar Bread

Schar bread

Has anyone tried this bread? I did and didn’t like it at first. I tried making my own /GF Bread and went back to this bread. I found that If I toast it first then it is better. I have made a Roast Beef Sandwich. I just toasted the bread and then I put roast beef on and then cheese and put it in the microwave and let it melt and then added lettuce and tomato on it and it was delicious.

Then I found another way to use it besides toast. I made Pizza with it.

schar pizza


I Toasted it first then put on GF pizza sauce and then cheese and pepperoni and bacon pieces. I put in the oven on Broil.

Let me tell you I have been looking for a pizza crust and haven’t found any I like. This was delicious I ate 4 of them.



This bread also makes good french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.



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