Weight Loss with Gluten Free!

With what i been hearing  and reading, I didn’t think I would be losing weight by going gluten free. I just knew I felt better from going gluten free. Well i felt like my clothes been feeling lose and My Daughter in law said I look like I had lost weight. Well this morning I had dig out the jeans cause it got cold here in Ga. Well when I put on my jeans that had been tight last year and they where lose i was happy. So I tried on my other jean that where 1 size smaller and well I got a big, big surprise they fit. hallelujah Thank You Jesus.

I have only been eating Gluten Free for 4 month now and I went from a size 12 jeans to a 10 jeans and from a XL top to a L top. i still eat the same amount and goodies. I haven’t worked out either. So thats why this was a big surprise for me. I think it is time to go back to my work out with my  Elliptical Machine. I just haven’t been able to cause I wasn’t feeling good. Now that I have been gluten free I have been feeling so much better.  I can’t wait till I have been GF for a year and see how much better I am.

I put the same clothes on that I had on before i went jogging in the before picture. I haven’t been jogging anymore. Instead i started getting gluten free. I lost 25lbs in 5 months.




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