Wrap your self skinny!

  At the first of the year I found out that I was a diabetic and I don’t have any Insurance. So I am now  selling It works products to make extra money for the supplies and doctors bills.   

I need to get 4 Loyal Customers and 3 Distributors.

Loyal Customers get to buy the products at are prices. All you have to do is buy something for three months. It can be at any price and after three months thats it. That way you don’t have to pay the 50.00 fee. Then you are a Loyal Customer for live.

To become a Distributor it cost 99.00 for kit. There you get 1 box of wraps, which has four wraps. You sell the wraps for 25.00 a wrap and make your money back. When you get 3 distributors you are Guarantee to make $500.00 a month. All you have to do is buy 80 in bonus volume each month, which you can use for your self or for your wrap parties.

To sign up to be a Loyal Customer or a Distributor you can go to my webpage at http://www.Itsmyparty.myitworks.com

GBL001-WorldsLargestWrapParty_BeforeAndAfters-Green Background-1

This is after one wrap. Which everyone has a different result. Which I have done one wrap and couldn’t see no change. I am going to do my second wrap today. Then I will post my results.

The wraps can be used any where. Like the neck, Legs,arms,back.

GBL001-WorldsLargestWrapParty_BeforeAndAfters-Black Background-1

This is after one wrap. I am going to try my chin. After losing weight my neck has lose skin.

We also have wraps for the face.

facialDon’t wear your age on your face! Tighten, tone, and firm.

as like the body wraps you leave on for 45-60 minutes. After you take it off you gently massage in the remaining lotion.

Retail $99.00       Loyal Customer $59.00 you save $40.00

We also have vitamins for skin, nails, hair.


Which I am going to try next month with my order. I have been losing my hair bad. I don’t know if it’s because of me being a diabetic or not.  Look at the results.

hair,skin,nailsRetail $55.00   Loyal Customer $33.00 you save $22.00


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